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started by: stephen_wq

Posted by stephen_wq on July 31 2007,10:47
I have a Rundisk 1GB UR25 (no U3 or anything)which works well for most things, but it seems that it just isnt detected by the bios or the F8 boot selector, under USB-ZIP or USB-HDD. I tested someone elses no brand one with the exact same files, which detects perfectly.
So, is it just not compatible? Can i somehow modify it to make it compatible? MBR?
There is the option to make it bootable with a utility that came with it, but it asks to select files from system32 to copy. Then windows detects it as a local disk and gives it a recycle bin.

Is there any way to get a single partition boot to DSL on this thing, and still be able to use it like a normal flash drive?

edit: Just realised i have an old thread here. It mentioned setting it to usb-zip. Then someone said it had nothing to do with it. usb-zip in the bios doesnt make a difference anyway.

edit: Their website: < >

Posted by zakiakhmad on Aug. 06 2007,23:35
Maybe your computer BIOS is too old, so that can't boot from USB. ;-)
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