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started by: emunity

Posted by emunity on Aug. 01 2007,12:05
I followed Wiki Method II linux install and he uses the ISO.  I am able to bot with Two Desktop PC but no my Dell D820 Laptop,  It does boot the kernel but bombs out when it tried to read the knoppix image on the USB stick.

I just read this and now I am totally confused.

< >

The embedded zip has the same issue though.  Is that above link old?  It sais the knoppix image is hard linked to the Cdrom Iso?  Yet the Extraction of the ISO works on some PC's.

So whast the deal with this?  Wiki sais to use the ISO not embedded method for Linux Install.

Posted by Juanito on Aug. 01 2007,12:25
I've routinely installed DSL to USB sticks by unpacking the iso (not the embedded one) - I do not believe the the knoppix image is hardcoded to the cd (and as an aside the reason that DSL can only format a USB stick FAT16 is that the version of syslinux it uses is old).

There are several posts in the DSL forum and elsewhere about the problems of booting Dell laptops from USB (I have a D400 but it does not seem to have a problem) - it seems as a minimum, you need to disable USB keyboard/legacy emulation in the BIOS and use the noacpi boot code in DSL.

Ensuring the BIOS is the latest available would probably be a good idea too...

Posted by roberts on Aug. 01 2007,13:04
The pendrive installation scripts included within DSL use FAT16, because at the time, the standard was 64MB pendrives. Today, pendrives are much larger. However, which FAT to use is best determined by size of drive. See < this. >

Because DSL is so small, these very small pendrives 64MB to 512MB are still a very viable choice.

Given this situation, is why I think the pendrive installation scripts should be removed from DSL core. The choice on how best to format and install DSL should be moved to the Wiki and MyDSL extensions. The pendrive installation scripts were originally MyDSL extensions.

Because of limited support of permissions using FAT, I think it is best to have two partitions on pendrives. And from fourm comments, the first partition should be the larger "shared" one, used for backup and MyDSLextensions, and able to be seen by all versions of Windows. The second partition (50MB) used for DSL system files. Current pendrive installation scripts do not provide this.

Posted by emunity on Aug. 01 2007,18:52
well I have both  Kingston 4gig stick and a Monster 8 gig mini hard drive.

I have two partitions on each as the Method II install from Linux sais.  Wiki don's.

But now I am windering if my DSL partition is too big?  I have ti about 1 gig on the kingston and 2 gigs on the monster.

both fat32 and I use Fedora 7 to run all the scripts and create the pendrive to boot etc.

Posted by Juanito on Aug. 02 2007,03:41
I have been unable to get a USB stick to boot with dsl or dsl-n unless the boot partition was <=512MB - regardless of whether I used fat or fat32 and even if I used the latest version of syslinux.

As mentioned earlier, any size of USB stick will boot when formatted ext2.

Posted by emunity on Aug. 02 2007,10:07
Seriously less than 512.  If that is the case then maybe that is why my Dell D820 will not read the knoppix image file.  I seriously dought its a bios or USB issue on my end especially if it can boot the kernel and create the ram disk with initrd.

It has to be that I set my size over 512 have to check that out.

Ext3 or ext2 should I create for the linux second partition?

Or it could be a timing issue.  If I could somehow put some kinda command on the kernel script line or APPEND another line with some kinda script to slow the USB down a bit I bet it will read the USB media and boot the Knoppix image.

I think its a DSL script issue and not my laptop because I can boot any program using Ultimate Boot USB and I mean any except DSL.

So I am convinced its a DSL scripting issue

Posted by Juanito on Aug. 02 2007,10:27
Is the file ldlinux.sys present on your USB stick? Roberts mentioned elsewhere:

The lack of the ldlinux.sys is caused by the failure of the syslinux command, typically

syslinux /dev/sda1

This seems to happen more frequently on larger drives.
A work-around seems to be...

Create a .mtoolsrc file which contains mtools_skip_check=1

echo "mtools_skip_check=1" > .mtoolsrc

Then running the usbhdd script seems to correct the problem.
I will add the .mtoolsrc file to the next release.

Ext3 or ext2 should I create for the linux second partition?
If you use ext2, there is no particular need for more than one partition unless you want to go this way. I never tried ext3...

Posted by emunity on Aug. 02 2007,10:37
I remember reading that about mtools.  I have been just following Wiki's how to Install on USB flash.  Used Method II install from a linux Environment.

Did not go any further than that.  Now you really have me interested in trying that.

Keep in mine I did not do it the syslinux way.  I am using  a Boot loader Grub but if there is another way to get it to real the Knoppix file I'll do it.  You have a link for the step by step?  Maybe an addendum to Wiki Don's eventually?

Here is the link I am following>  If you can get me a better linke to get thing to work go right ahead.  Kepp in mind though this USB stick with the two partitions one Vfat 32 first partition and the second Ext3 linux works on all PC I have tried so far except my D820.

< >

Posted by Juanito on Aug. 02 2007,10:46
For me, the simplest way to install to USB stick (rather than USB hd) is to boot from a DSL cd and then use the right-click menu to navigate to create USB-HDD boot.

In order to try Roberts work-around, you would need to create the /home/dsl/.mtoolsrc file before you start.

Posted by emunity on Aug. 02 2007,11:31
One more thing add that file before I start but add that file while in DSL from the CD?  I had a hard time mounting USB stick when booted off CD?

Can I create the file before I boot off the CD?  But then when I create the DSL it will probably format the stick and re-write the file I created right?

Posted by Juanito on Aug. 02 2007,12:11
I had assumed that the file would be /home/dsl/.mtoolsrc - you can write to this location once you have booted from cd since it is on ramdisk.

In order to use the right-click menu to make a bootable USB stick, the stick should not be mounted.

Posted by emunity on Aug. 03 2007,01:06
Worked very nicely thanks for the great help.  Have to still see if the USB pendrive made from the Live CD version dsl version 3.4 will boot off my Latitude D820.

Boots off an HP pc fine and my other pc as well.

Last question.  I have an option to install grub as well.  AM I  suppose to install grub first before I do the DSL install to USB from the Live CD or the other way around?  Does it matter which is done first?

Sorry about the questions

Posted by Juanito on Aug. 03 2007,05:34
If you're booting from a USB stick you don't need to install grub unless you're planning to do something out of the ordinary...
Posted by emunity on Aug. 03 2007,22:20
OK everything works 100% including on my Dell D820 but I had to put the initrd version of the knoppix image because it still cannot find the knoppix image.  This is only the case with the Dell D820.

I have to put in a seperate post.  I was told I could just follow the Wiki Doc's to make the DSL on a USB stick 1-4GB and it works also on all the PC except the Dell D820.  SO I was told to put the image file of Knoppix the initrd version about 50MB and replace it with the other file.  Well I can tell you that does not work  on any PC.

See this post:

< >

Here is the error message I get on All PC's

EXT2-fs error (device ramdisk(1,0)): ext2_read_inode: unable to readd inode block - inode=3937, block=16387
Attempt to access beyond end of device
01:00 rw=0, want=22033, limit=4096 and it sais that a few more times only difference is want=22034, 22035 and 22036.
VFS: Cannot open root device "LABEL=/" or 00:00 so I give up on putting LABEL there.  The it sais please append a correct "root=" boot option.  

That error sounds to me as though its telling me the USB stick has a FS unknown or cannot read a larger USB stick 4GB.

What do you think?  I might want to repost that error.  Is there a Wiki DOc on how to install the initrd 50MB version for people who have problems with the Media reading the knoppix file?

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