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started by: emunity

Posted by emunity on Aug. 19 2007,02:55
Any possibility for Intel Pro Wireless 3945 support?

I tried using ndiswrapper but connection fails.

I have ipw3945 working in fedora 7. I can also use the built in iwl3945 kernel driver for the ipw3945.  How that can work I have no idea but I have to use Network Manager to get to connect.

I did a search on all dsl forums and came up with nothing.

Anyone have a link to maybe someone who has this working in dsl-4.0rc1?


Posted by roberts on Aug. 19 2007,17:22
Another day, another wireless card on the scene.
Boy does this < article > fit. This is even more true on a tiny distribution like DSL.
Hope that this article can be a starting point.

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