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started by: thongrim

Posted by thongrim on Aug. 31 2007,12:15
Hi, I have troubles with the dsl-usb installation. I have tried the usb-hdd tool on the liveCD with my usb key a lot of times, with the only result that I have formatted Windows partition on HD  :p  then I understand what was the error so I tried the dsl wiki and the howto, but they didn't work for me. My bios supports the usb booting, in fact I used Knoppix on usbdrive and a modified Debian. So, what can I do to be able to use Dsl? I can report only an error about the cluster size on the usbkey in the usb-hdd installation.
Thanks a lot for the help  :)

Posted by Juanito on Aug. 31 2007,14:30
If you search these forums, there are a lot of useful posts on usb install.

Most probably the issue you're facing is that dsl often will not boot from usb when the boot partition is formatted fat and > +/- 512MB.

You could try making two partitions - the first +/- 1.5GB that you could also use with windows machines and the second (boot) partition of +/- 512MB.

If you're not bothered about sharing data with windows (or if you have the windows ext2 driver loaded) you can format the usb stick in one 2GB ext2 partition and it will most likely work (it does for me).

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