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started by: ase1590

Posted by ase1590 on Sep. 14 2007,12:47
when i tried to run DSL on my usb pendrive on a computer, it said unspecified video mode, press return to select one or space to continue. what does this mean?
the computer is a Dell, if that helps anything

Posted by curaga on Sep. 14 2007,14:11
It means your video card does not support the video mode DSL tried to use.

Most commonly this means you have a vesa 1.2 card when the high-res framebuffer modes need a vesa 2.0 card. If you get this prompt, pushing 0 should always work, it's the 80x25 text mode from the age of dos..

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 14 2007,14:21
It just means that your monitor doesn't support "normal" vga mode (or 791 if off the livecd).  See the wiki for vga= cheatcodes (or fb* labels), or just select one upon boot.
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