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Topic: Can't find the Knoppix filesystem, sorry
started by: nerd

Posted by nerd on Sep. 14 2007,15:33
I have installed DSL on my usb drive according the instruction "Installing to a USB Flash Drive" in the DSL Wiki.
But after restart DSL shows the message "Can't find the Knoppix filesystem, sorry" after scanning for usb devices.
I tried some boot options but it doesn't help.
In the expert mode, before the error is show, DSL ask for loading additional modules ("new disk modules").
Does this mean that my usb drive isn't supported?
DSL from CD doesn't recognize the usb drive but i remember that i had already mount this usb stick.

SigmaTel MSCN 0100 (256 MB)

Asus Pro31JC X-110

What can i do?
Are there some other configs or extra usb-modules?

Posted by humpty on Sep. 22 2007,06:49
have you tried installing to usb-pen from the CD using the install tool ?

i don't understand, when you say, you can mount it but it isn't recognised by the CD ? if you can mount it, then it must be recognised, no ?

Posted by nerd on Sep. 22 2007,14:56
I mean that i had mounted the usb drive but now it doesn't go. Perhaps it was with an other DSL version or an other computer. I'm not sure whether it really functioned. :D
Thus i can't install DSL with the install tool.

When the configuration with syslinux has work then the usb-pen rather must supported. Isn't it?

I have heard that it works when the usb-pen is adjusted with read only. Is it true?

Posted by curaga on Sep. 22 2007,15:01
If it's read-only, how would you install anything to it?

Try deleting all the partitions (they are sometimes very weird straight from shop, rootkits blah) and creating one. Then make a filesystem on it. You should now be able to mount it. Can you?

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