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started by: bjg5858

Posted by bjg5858 on Sep. 15 2007,10:15
Hi i am running dsl on a usb stick. When I run the find command i get an error.
This is a cut down example of the problem;

#find / -name "*.txt"
find: unable to open `/proc/888/fd': No such file or directory
find: unable to open `/proc/892/fd': No such file or directory

As you can see the last two lines are complaining about a /proc/ directory any help would be much appreciated.

Posted by curaga on Sep. 15 2007,11:11
No trouble. They're just some virtual symlinks to some nonexistent devices, so you can just ignore those errors.
Posted by bjg5858 on Sep. 15 2007,11:17
Ok thanks.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 15 2007,14:56
If you really want to have those complaints ignored, you could try something like
find / -name "*.txt" 2>/dev/null

Posted by bjg5858 on Sep. 24 2007,17:39
Ok cheers..
Posted by shamit on Oct. 16 2007,17:30
Sorry for digging up this old port, but issue that I am facing is related.

I am not able to perform case-insensitive search with find command.

For example:

find /mnt/hda1 -name FileName -print

works fine. But

find /mnt/hda1 -iname FileName -print

Does not. Is there  way to upgrade "find" binary?

Posted by curaga on Oct. 16 2007,19:54
It's not a binary, just a small applet included in busybox. The real find is included in the gnu-utils mydsl extension. If you don't want to load all the full programs, you can extract only "find" from gnu-utils.dsl..
Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 16 2007,19:56
The find command in DSL is part of Busybox, so it is not full-featured. The GNU version of find is in the findutils.uci mydsl extension, in the "UCI" section.

Since it installs to /opt you'll need to add it to your PATH variable unless you use the full path to the executable or an alias. Note that symlinking the file into /opt/bin won't work in this case, since /opt/bin is at the end of PATH.

EDIT: ..or install gnu-utils =o)

Posted by curaga on Oct. 16 2007,20:55
Heh, beat ya :P
Posted by jpeters on Oct. 17 2007,04:24
With unc's available, it makes sense to put gnu-utils in the mydsl folder.....  (almost said "startup" folder.....)
Posted by shamit on Oct. 17 2007,05:01
Thanks for quick replies. This should solve my problem.
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