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started by: darkerror05

Posted by darkerror05 on Sep. 25 2007,23:48
Has anyone gotten DSL to boot off of a USB cdrom drive using a boot floppy.  I have a laptop without an HDD, cdrom of a floppy drive.  I want to boot using a usb-floppy(that seems to work fine) to a usb-cdrom.  Any ideas?
Posted by Juanito on Sep. 26 2007,03:53
My laptop will boot dsl from an external usb cd if that's the question you're asking? According to the manual it would also boot from an external usb floppy in the same external housing thing (if I had the floppy drive).

You'll also need to check if your bios supports booting from the usb cd/floppy.

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