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Topic: An interesting problem. Hope DSL can help!
started by: titanix88

Posted by titanix88 on Sep. 29 2007,04:38
   I am a semi-newbie GNU/Linux[Ubuntu] user. Can do some command line but not much experienced. I have a motherboard with bios damaged by me during a bios upgrade[wrong model]. Now the board certainly boots, even auto login works, but both mouse and keyboard is disabled from bios startup. I can't even enter the bios setup. I heard "flashrom" can do flashing bios from linux. So i think an auto startup script from a usb mounted linux with flashrom can do the trick. Hope dsl can do the trick. So here is my questions:
(1)How can i make dsl boot from usb pendrive?
(2)It must have "flashrom" installed and also related auto flashing script which doesn't need interactive key input[else i am doomed]. How can i do this?
(3)The bios_XXX.bin must be in the usb drive for flashrom operation. How can i store and access it?

Finally, apolozies for not being a regular dsl user. :D

Posted by stupid_idiot on Sep. 29 2007,12:42
(Pardon me, this reply is somewhat off-topic..)
Using the regular DOS floppy method might be simpler..
(That is, assuming the system is able to boot from floppy at this point.)

This bootdisk has worked OK for me before - "Driver Free Disk For BIOS Flashing": < >.

And then, add AWARD Flash or other utility + bios ROM +
awdflash.exe has a number of option flags to support auto-flashing, etc.
This guide might be useful (detailed guide to awdflash + autoexec.bat method): < >

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