Prevent DSL user from being logged in at startup?

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Topic: Prevent DSL user from being logged in at startup?
started by: icepick

Posted by icepick on Oct. 12 2007,05:46
I start my DSL in mode 2 (terminal only).. is there a way I prevent DSL from logging in my DSL user when I boot up, and just show me a userid/passwd question when all booted up?
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Oct. 12 2007,05:53
Do you mean a login prompt?  You can take a look in /etc/inittab and use getty's instead of bash invocations.  If you need more info, check out mikshaw's thread on this - it's probably what you're looking for.
Posted by chaostic on Oct. 12 2007,07:18
You want the multiuser inittab.
Posted by icepick on Oct. 12 2007,08:46
Well, all I want is the unit not to login when I boot it up.. I only want SSH access at runlevel 2.
I checked mikshaws posting, but so far I didnt get the result I was looking for.

Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 12 2007,14:32
Is this what you were looking at?
<;t=7936 >

This is what I do to get four virtual terminals with login prompt. I've used ssh a couple of times on this system without trouble, although the how-to does not cover ssh. You will need to start sshd yourself in order to acces the system that way. Trying to use runlevel 2 might actually be your problem, though, since that how-to was designed for runlevel 5. You could modify inittab to work for 2, but you'd get the same result as in runlevel 5. Runlevels are not "set in stone"; they're simply provided as a way to easily switch from one environment to another without manually changing things every time. You can set up any runlevel to behave like any other.

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