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started by: ranger_cole

Posted by ranger_cole on Oct. 15 2007,12:54
I need to find out the usb drive name.  I typed the commands as shown in the wikipedia article on usb drives.  This is a long list of info on my pc.  My usb drive is not the standard drive as in the example.  What do I need to look for in the list.  I am using a lexar jumpdrive 128 Mb.
Posted by humpty on Oct. 15 2007,13:39
by 'name' i think you mean the device mount point ?

boot DSL without the usb-drive.
run Emelfm.
on one of the panes, clear the input text and type /mnt <enter>.
a list of drives appear.
plug in the usb-drive.
after about 20 secs (usually sooner) a new drive should appear.

that's the one.
right-click on it and choose 'mount'

Posted by thirdman on Nov. 21 2007,19:50
Well, dang... that was just too easy! :p
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