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Topic: Need help installing dsl!
started by: kdarkentity

Posted by kdarkentity on Oct. 23 2007,00:52
Can someone please help me install damn small linux onto my usb drive?, I tried going under the menu that says something like "install to usb pen dive" and i followed the directions and such, but when it gets to the part when it asks you how you  want to install dsl i choose L (for live cd) and i get an error.

Should i try i different iso?

Posted by Juanito on Oct. 23 2007,03:40
How have you booted dsl in the first place - from cd or from hd? If from cd, then "L" should work, but you can also install direct from the iso file by specifying the path and either "i" or "f" (I cannot remember which).
Posted by kdarkentity on Oct. 23 2007,17:21
I tried installing dsl from the cd but the only possible option that seems like it might work is if i install it from file (F)
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