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started by: Artoxx

Posted by Artoxx on Nov. 15 2007,00:03
 I tried a few time to install DSL 4.0 on my JetFlash 4gb USB flash memory without success. While trying to install from the boot install option instead of from the jwm menu, I remarked there were not enough space on the system partition.

I dived in the script an modified the line no 55:

This force sfdisk to use one more cylinder then what seems necessary for the system partition. Actually, I cannot explain exactly why this is necessary (geometry of my key?). But, it solved the problem and now DSL 4.0 runs from my USB key.

Comments? Maybe it would be safe to modify the script in the next release...

Thank. bye.
S. boivin.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 15 2007,00:14
Feedback on larger pendrives is always appreciated.
Your mod is both safe and a good idea.

It is feedback from the community that keeps improving DSL.

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