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started by: garlicsalt2

Posted by garlicsalt2 on Nov. 23 2007,23:42
Ok, I won't say "maybe this is a dumb question, but...". I think it is a very good question. I may be a little odd for asking though. 80]

What if I want to install DSL onto a real, actual, physical, 100MB, Iomega, Zip Disk????

I don't want to emulate one, or make my PC think that my flash drive is one, I want to use one to install DSL. I have a computer with a Built-in ATAPI version, and I have an old USB version.

Also, on a slightly different note, I did try to install DSL onto my pen drive. I wanted to use the embedded version, but have the DSL CD do it for me. I think this would have worked, if I had actually burned the CD. Instead, I used the Windows version of QEMU, and passed the "-boot cd -hda \\.\PhysicalDrive3 -cdrom DSL.iso" or some such thing. Thus, my flash drive was /dev/hda, not /dev/sda. I was unable to get the install script to accept /dev/hda for an embedded install.

I know that is usually not a good idea to allow this. Perhaps a command-line parameter, to override this restriction, and allow any target. Yes, repeated "Are you sure" prompts would be in order in that case.

Or perhaps DSL could somehow detect when it is running under QEMU, and act accordingly??


Posted by roberts on Nov. 23 2007,23:55
DSL will work with a real Iomega Zip drive. This typically would be on a machine with a floppy drive.

Copy the KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX to the zip drive.
Make the standard DSL boot floppy.

Boot machine from DSL floppy and at the first boot prompt:

dsl fromzip

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