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started by: lmart

Posted by lmart on Dec. 19 2007,14:00
Need to boot from floppy to USB as CD going South and unable to replace.
USB works from CD boot with command - dsl fromhd=/dev/sda2
same command does not work from floppy
get error msg - can't find KNOPPIX filesystem and then drops to a very limited shell

Posted by Juanito on Dec. 19 2007,14:29
You just need to use the "fromusb" boot code
Posted by lmart on Dec. 19 2007,15:38
Thanks.  I tried that and I still get the message above.  Used both the bootfloppy and the bootfloppy-usb.  Same results for both.
Posted by lucky13 on Dec. 19 2007,16:10
Which version of DSL are you using? The USB-HDD script was broken on at least one release candidate. I'm using DSL 4.2-release (current) from USB-HDD stick now and no problems.
Posted by lmart on Dec. 19 2007,17:30
You may close out this posting.

Thanks for your help.  I re-imaged the floppy and executed the command
boot:  dsl fromusb
and it now works.

Again thank you.

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