Pendrive Boot stuck at GRUB on ebox2300

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Topic: Pendrive Boot stuck at GRUB on ebox2300
started by: ryansturmer

Posted by ryansturmer on Jan. 13 2008,19:24
I just got an ebox 2300 ( < > ) and am trying to do a frugal install to the CF card.  It seems as though sticking a compact flash card in another machine, installing there, and then moving it doesn't work so well, so I've read that the thing to do is do a pendrive install, boot from that, and then do a CF frugal install on the machine itself, so I used another machine to create a pen drive (booted DSL, used dslinstall to set up the drive)

Problem is, the pen drive won't boot the ebox.  I get a blank screen that says GRUB, and that's it.

I know the pen drive is OK, because I can boot it on another machine and everything is cool.  GRUB lets me pick 'DSL' and things start up nicely.

I'm admittedly new to GRUB, I've been using LILO for years, and grub is a little strange to me.


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