Running e2fsck On A USB Pendrive Installation

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Topic: Running e2fsck On A USB Pendrive Installation
started by: jaygeedsl

Posted by jaygeedsl on Jan. 30 2008,23:22
I've researched the forums here on how to respond to the "e2fsck should be run" prompt that appears when I boot DSL4.2.4 from my USB pendrive.

It seems the preferred solution is to avoid running e2fsck and enter "boot dsl 2 toram legacy base norestore checkfs" instead. Unfortunately I can't work out how to do this using the various options available on the GRUB screen which appears when I boot the pendrive.

Should I be using the live CD to do this? If so what's the sequence to be followed?

Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 31 2008,00:20
If you are using grub, you can enter boot options at runtime.

Select the desired system you want to boot.
Press "e" to edit.
Select the kernel line of that system.
Press "e" again to edit that kernel line.
Add the boot option(s) you want.
Press "b" to boot with the changes or "Esc" to cancel.

Posted by jaygeedsl on Jan. 31 2008,09:40
Many thanks for that. The "run e2fsck" line is no longer shown when booting.

And thanks for the book link. A copy's on its way.

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