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started by: earlytv

Posted by earlytv on Mar. 19 2008,02:00
I have a Wyse S90 unit. It has 512mb flash non standard IDE drive and 256mb ram.
It has 4 USB ports. Keyboard and mouse are USB. External boot, a USB floppy works. I have had many DOS and repair floppies boot in fine.
A Super floppy, a USB MEMORY STICK THAT ACTS LIKE A FLOPPY BOOTS. Puppy linux can make these, and they boot into ram.
Micro is a AMD GX with graphics on the micro.

Could DSL run on this board? How can I boot it in? USB CD and HARD DRIVE dont seem to work only USB FLOPPY or that SUPER FLOPPY memory stick.

Posted by curaga on Mar. 19 2008,15:21
Have you tried a regular usb stick? As the machine can boot a stick acting as a floppy, it should also boot one acting as a HD (the boot method is the same; reading the first sector)
Posted by earlytv on Mar. 19 2008,23:38
Yes I tried that and got Grub GEOM Error???
It had made 2 sections on the 2gig stick.
The large one in Vfat took almost the entire stick and had a MYDSL folder.
The 2nd one had the DSL files about 55 meg bytes in size.

System was locked on error screen, had to turn off system.

Posted by curaga on Mar. 20 2008,13:39
Oh. Then you can try booting the boot floppy with "dsl waitusb" when you have the usb stick in. It will boot from the floppy, but use the data on the stick.
Posted by earlytv on Mar. 20 2008,19:42
The super floppy USB memory stick as it boots a, SYSLINUX, I think flashes by and that loads the normal LINUX files. This is instead of the GRUB I see on all other boots? There is someones name, the author, on the line
Will try the floppy later, on a different system now.

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