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started by: xlancealotx

Posted by xlancealotx on Mar. 24 2008,15:44
ok, well a while back I had some small ebox machines, got them to boot (dsl4), local hard drive install and things worked.  I am connecting to a hardware device via the USB port -> Serial converter and connections were fine.

We have newer ebox's, these are a bit slimmer but similar hardware, this time USB is not working, getting errors saying it's not there.  I am pretty sure dsl-n with the 2.6 kernel worked but I am having issues setting up the usb with that to boot correctly.

So, is there any way to update dsl to the 2.6 kernel to test?  I think that is my 1st path as we are happy with the dsl-4, but now at a standstill.


Posted by curaga on Mar. 24 2008,17:45
Yes, it's possible, but you might first want to try, as the latest 2.4 kernel it might detect your usb better, and replacing with 2.4 series is easier than with 2.6.

With 2.4 you only install the modules, copy the kernel, and replace the modules in the initrd.
For 2.6 you need also to modify the bootscripts.

Posted by xlancealotx on Mar. 24 2008,18:30
Cool, naturally I had to ask the next question.

How do I do the 2.4.  Non DSL, I would do a kernel update, restart and it would be in the grub listing, but don't think with DSL it's that way.

I looked in the DSL extentions, saw the kernel source, etc. I hate asking for more of a 2 minute "how to" but I might have to just do that.

Or... might it just be a simple download the full from, extract and then simply rename the current to .old and the new to the existing structure?

Thanks again...

Posted by curaga on Mar. 24 2008,20:01
I assume you know how to compile a kernel?

The DSL steps after downloading & compiling would be:
- move arch/i386/boot/bzImage to the boot/isolinux of the new iso image as "linux24" (replacing the old one)
- do a "make modules_install", and then move /lib/modules/ directory to /lib/modules of the DSL tree
- remove old modules (/lib/modules/2.4.30)
- pack the KNOPPIX up
- for each module in minirt24.gz, replace with one from the new kernel

Posted by xlancealotx on Mar. 24 2008,20:12
yep, going to look at doing this tonight, report back tonight....


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