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Topic: wont install on Thumb Drive
started by: hedoe

Posted by hedoe on April 27 2008,02:39
okay i re... well its been a while since i bought this book
its called Linux Toys II
and it has DSL on there
it also has a bootable version and it also has a way of installing it onto a thumb drive
well when i try to do it
it looks for a web site
(i cant remember which, its been to long since i tried to do it, or post on here)
and it cant find it on the web site
so help me!
what are my options!
and please dont tell me to buy it, i would rather do it myself
all the help that you can offer is greatly appreciated

Posted by roberts on April 27 2008,03:18
Look in the menu. Explore your system.
Posted by hedoe on April 27 2008,03:29
what am i exploring for?
Posted by Juanito on April 27 2008,04:32
If you look in the right-click menu, one of the options is to install to usb. Note that it would be good to double-check that your machine bios allows you to boot from usb before you start...

You can also look in the dsl wiki for more details on how to set things up manually to be able to boot from usb.

Posted by hedoe on April 28 2008,04:12
and that is where my problem begins
it tries to find the nessessary driver on the web
and it cannot connect to the site
thus terminanating the whole fn thing!
ill have to take a good look at DSL wiki

Posted by roberts on April 28 2008,23:59
If the pendrive install script is trying to download installation files from the web then you have a very old version of DSL. Current versions have needed files in the base.
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