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started by: lmart

Posted by lmart on June 16 2008,12:52
successfully created a working floppy|usb boot on desktop at work

no such luck with my personal laptop (specs follow)
when boot on external usb floopy, execute dsl fromusb, everything works until;

first error message; modprobe - can't locate module block-major-2

then it hangs at;
scanning hd, creating /etc/fstab (the hd is formatted with win98se)

> Laptop
> Manufacturer: Toshiba
> Model: Portege Tablet PC
> Processor: 1.33 GHz Mobile Intel Pentium III Processor
> Number of Processors: 1
> RAM: 512 MB
> Hard Drive: 40 GB
> built-ins; ethernet, 1 SD and 1 CF card slots, 2 USB1 ports, modem (funky keyboard layout)
> no internal floppy or cd-rom
> external USB floppy, external usb CD-ROM

Posted by roberts on June 16 2008,15:30
Maybe adding waitusb will help.

boot: dsl fromusb waitusb

Posted by lmart on June 16 2008,21:03
dsl fromusb waitusb; no workee!
it still hands at the message, scanning for harddisk partitions and creating /etc/fstab/ ...

Posted by chaostic on June 16 2008,21:22
Quote (lmart @ June 16 2008,08:52)
first error message; modprobe - can't locate module block-major-2

Block-Major-2 means it can't find an internal floppy. Don't mind that :D

Also, what version are you trying? Current/4.4? If waitusb does not work, have you tried 3.4.11? The switch from 3.4.x to 4 added some sata support, while dropping some scsi support (Scsi being used for some usb). It can help narrow down the problem (My thinclients won't boot from dsl 4.x standard, atleast with a usb-ide cdrom.  :/ )

Posted by lmart on June 16 2008,21:49
Linux kernel 2.4.31

The floppy is an external usb floppy (Dell) , it appears to read the usb pendrive ...

Posted by curaga on June 17 2008,08:48
If it got to scanning your HD, it has already booted from usb.
Add "nofstab" to your options to skip the HD scan

Posted by lmart on June 17 2008,12:27
a little further down the booting process

nofstab got it past the hang at /etc/fstab/

this time it made it to the point where unionfs registered, su,xversa,xauth and then it hung at e100:NIC

is there a way to redirect the ouput on boot to a file so that I can attach that to my post?

Posted by curaga on June 17 2008,12:54
Sorry, nope, unless you have the equipment for a serial console.
Syslogd (boot option syslogd) would log the kernel messages, but not the boot script's messages.
You can also see the kernel messages by adding "debug" and then scroll up and down with shift-PgUP/PgDown

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