How to build an USK key BIOS boot USB-FDD ?

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Topic: How to build an USK key BIOS boot USB-FDD ?
started by: bcostacurta

Posted by bcostacurta on Dec. 11 2008,19:46

how to build an USK key compatible with BIOS supporting only USB-FDD ?

The default system in DSL only allow creation of and UDB-HDD (hard disk) compatible USK key.
However my thin client box only supports UDB-FDD (floppy disk) and so doesn't accept this default DSL USB key.

Thanks for any help or method to follow.


Posted by John on Dec. 13 2008,00:29
USB booting could be very tricky.   I am not sure if it will work specifically with UDB-FDD, but I've found that the way that works with most bios is to have a very small bootable partition on the pen drive (<200MB).  You cold do this with cfdisk; cfdisk -z /dev/sda. I usually use the rest of the drive for storage.  So, there will be, for example sda1 and sda2, both set up with a dos partition in cfdisk.

Here is a copy of the script I use after that:
mkdosfs /dev/sda1
sleep 3
mkdosfs /dev/sda2
sleep 3
ms-sys -s /dev/sda
sleep 3
#mount -t vfat  /dev/sda2 /mnt/sda2
#unzip -d /mnt/sda2/
mount /dev/sda1
sleep 3
unzip -d /mnt/sda1/
sleep 3
syslinux  -s /dev/sda1

While this setup has the drawback of having a second which isn't accesible via windows, I've found that it works on more computers than the standard DSL USB install.  Maybe give it a shot?

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