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started by: lovdsl

Posted by lovdsl on Jan. 08 2009,04:04
where is the usb boot floppy img? I get a download error so it is no longer on the cd...I used the old one from my 2.4 install to usb but I get a kernal panic.

not sure if it is the usb boot floppy or the install

if the image is now downloadable how do I get it to the floppy as dsl auto installed the last...rawrite?

Edit: likely not enough info sorry...
dsl 4.4.3 live ...install to usb thumb...unit does not boot usb...attempted to create boot floppy from menu..dialog error downloading...assume floppy .img is now a download...but cannot locate...assume new boot.img is req as 2.4 boot floppy gives kernal panic

If the boot floppy has not changed then the issue is with the install...2gig retailplus thumb...usb2.0 and possible usb1.0 on the box...p3-600 with 2 plus 4port card

edit..Ok remembered where to look and downloaded 1.5usb.img not sure actually...

edit..I see I am already out of date as there is a 4.4.10 ..likely why no response...will start again

edit: just attempted another boot with another linux thumb and see that it does not boot....think it may be the usb extension cble as this box has no front port...will try pluging direct.

Posted by lovdsl on Jan. 18 2009,07:17
downloaded dsl 4.4.10 is0 and burned fine..flux the look

want on usb thumb..install to usbhd pendrive...installer ask location-sda-yes..additions to grub..vga=normal-just in case...creates two partitions...1 is mydsl...2 is system.. installer disappears...guess it is done

my boxs do not boot dsl2.4 uses a boot floppy and is still great...

downloaded current bootfloppy.img and rawrite to floppy...

I have no idea how to boot dsl from usb useing the floppy..

honestly have been at it so long it is the end.. just on and on...


ok..will not boot floppy now...replace and hit enter
formatted floppys and usb stick...maby next time...thanks for all the help

dsl2.4 on thumb still rocks

Posted by Tobiaus on Jan. 19 2009,20:41
Quote (lovdsl @ Jan. 18 2009,07:17)
maby next time...thanks for all the help

dsl2.4 on thumb still rocks

there doesn't seem to be much posting here lately, don't take it personally.

i would be happy to tell you where to find the floppy you want if i knew.

Posted by lovdsl on Jan. 21 2009,02:20
Hi tobiaus
nothing personal..just desire...I love dsl or at least my 2.4 on thumb and play with it frequently...

I was a little dated so decided to update to a newer time permitted .I see a cool mounter was added to fluxbox and I had intended to add wmdrawer and wmix..I dreamed of a button on the drawer that would open the mydsl and allow me to add a new program with another click..think that has actually happened but for the life of me can not boot the thumb.

the installer seems to disappear so I am not sure if it has finished or malfunctioned...seems to have finished as there are two partitions on the thumb...but the second is the system where knoppix resides so the older boot floppy may look on dsa1...thus a kernal panic.. by some default and attempts to guide it to sda2 have failed me..I am uncertain I am useing the correct boot floppy or i f a boot usb is even available..I downloaded the current boot.img and the boot utility...not sure what it is an A: prompt so likely a win thing. I think the boot.img is what I need but previous there was a boot-usb .img in addition...just lost and wondering...

still a great little system and at 50 meg an easy download worth monitoring

Posted by Tobiaus on Jan. 21 2009,16:35
yeah i could easily call dsl one of my three favorite distros. it used to be one of my two favorites, and what i wanted was for my other favorite to become more like dsl, (or for dsl to gain much of the ability of my other favorite, through extensions.)

there are two ways i would boot dsl from usb, neither use a floppy, one uses a cd. since both of those methods are useless to you, i would just say use "track this topic" and i hope john (who has not posted since christmas,) will be here soon to determine real plans for dsl's future. until then, i doubt there will be much to see on the forums, other than (hopefully) the occasional answer to your question. but some of us will be here.

Posted by lovdsl on Jan. 25 2009,09:27
So what is the other way...and why is a cd out?...
I use a boot floppy to boot dsl2.4 and puppy4, I use a boot cd to boot slax...
I realize that floppy is obsolete in modern computers  but my box boots cd as do many so a boot cd could be n available download maby?...I am enjoying the live cd but would like on thumb..
Is the installer supposed to disappear when complete...
if the install is good I just need a computer that boot usb?
a work in are they all

Posted by Tobiaus on Jan. 25 2009,13:25
So what is the other way...and why is a cd out?...
I use a boot floppy to boot dsl2.4 and puppy4, I use a boot cd to boot slax...
I realize that floppy is obsolete in modern computers  but my box boots cd as do many so a boot cd could be n available download maby?...I am enjoying the live cd but would like on thumb..

the easiest way to boot dsl from usb is actually to use the cd as a bootloader. since you are using a floppy, i assumed that you couldn't or didn't want to use the cd for booting. options that work with the floppy are limited, puppy seems to be the only distro with a floppy for this purpose anymore. note the floppy uses a non-free usb driver from panasonic, iirc. most distros opt not to distribute such a driver. i don't have anything against people booting from floppy, i'd be happy if someone put the floppy image online again.

to boot dsl from cd and usb all you need is a cd, and a usb key, then copy a couple of files (probably the two biggest files) from the cd to the key. when the cd boots, you use the bootcodes fromhd=/dev/sda1 mydsl=sda1 waitusb=5 ...where sda1 is your usual partition on the key. you can use a less than up to date dsl cd to boot the newest version of dsl, if the newest version is on your usb key, because it's actually booting from the dsl image on the key.

the other way i boot from usb is to use extlinux, but i use another distro to put the bootloader on the key, and then it should be easy to boot dsl from it. a friendly extlinux package for dsl could make using another distro for this task unnecessary.

using the boot cd and a usb key with bootcodes will let you boot the latest dsl without burning a cd again, and let you keep mydsl packages on the key. you can also backup and restore your home folder on boot with restore=sda1 ... i don't recommend extlinux if you can't boot from usb anyway. besides, everything else i've told you allows you to use a regular fat32 windows-compatible key, extlinux requires you to make it ext2.

Posted by Guest on Feb. 01 2009,04:31
I am in a similar situation with external floppy (bootable from bios) coming over mail, no internal CD, and working usb DSL made from XP machine but unfortunately my thinkpad 560Z can not boot directly from bios setting.

I will need a bootable floppy that will direct the USB DSL to load the program, now anyone know how to do this so this newbie can attempt it?


Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 01 2009,11:36
Thanks tobiaus
I get it now..I installed to usb then boot the live cd and type in the ccodes..dsl dma dsl vga=normal dsl fromhd=sda2 dsl restore=sda1
this boots the thumb and restores my system...I can then remove the cd and free the cdrom..great

it is the same as useing the usb boot floppy on the older version. perhaps the available boot floppy can do this also...I will have to play later

I am curious i f I boot from usb via bios on another machine will I then just type dsl restore=sda1 as grub will boot sda2...another play session

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