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Topic: What about a boot floppy/cd ?
started by: Set

Posted by Set on Oct. 18 2004,12:47
Hello everyone,

I am wondering if it is possible to make a usb boot floppy or cd?

So boot sequence would go like this:

- Insert cd/floppy and usb
- Select cd/floppy as boot device
- Boot with cd/floppy and let them redirect boot process to usb drive

That would be awesome.

I *Really* like the idea of having a modifiable linux distro in my pocket.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Oct. 18 2004,13:00
Yes, the USB floppy boot image is in the download section..
you can get it here..

< http://ibiblio.org/pub....0.8.img >

This does just as you describe..
Boots computer..
looks for usb devices to run from


Posted by Set on Oct. 18 2004,13:09
Bloody brilliant! :)

While I have your attention, I have something I wonder about.

When you use DSL with a usb harddrive, does it automatically save changes, or is this something you have to do before you shut down your computer?

Also something that would make DSL superior to everything...:

Creative Zen 60 gb compitability. That would make my mp3 player a portable harddrive! :)

Posted by ke4nt1 on Oct. 18 2004,15:38
Edit and use the /home/dsl/filetool.lst to indicate WHAT you wish to preserve/save ..

Then run the backup/restore utility..( before you reboot or shutdown )

Select your USB HD as the destination of your BACKUP
( sda1 ) perhaps..

It will write a tarball file called backup.tar.gz .

This file will contain EVERYTHING you listed/added in your filetool.lst

When restarting from liveCD/poorman's - best for USB and
your floppy boot, add the "restore=sda1" command to your boot: startup parameters..
( e.g. " dsl restore=sda1 "  )

This will place the contents of the backup.tar.gz file back in their
respective locations automatically..

Once you have this backup/restore functioning correctly,
you can add the backup and restore commands to your
1. /opt/bootlocal file > for autorestoring
2. /opt/powerdown file > for autobackups before shutdowns/reboots.


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