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Topic: opt, home and mydsl - embedded and usb problem
started by: justauser

Posted by justauser on Dec. 29 2005,22:27
I installed embedded on a USB drive by unzipping the embedded and then running syslinux on the drive.  I can boot without any problems.  When I add the opt=sda1 home=sda1 mydsl=sda1 options, only the opt option works.  There is some error about sda1 being mounted.  it is certainly mounted as /cdrom.

Any ideas on how to get this working?

Posted by roberts on Dec. 30 2005,00:12
You really should not do that. Specifying live filesystem on a pendrive will wear it out.
Pendrives and other flash type media have limited number of writes.
Also many of those options you are trying to use are reduntant as sda1 is already mounted as /cdrom and is writeable.
home and opt are better left to the backup/restore that is already setup and works best for pendrives.
Using embedded really leaves no other choice as Qemu provides a virtual machine and cannot access real drives/partitions.

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