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Topic: problem with CMD screen in XP
started by: Shaba1

Posted by Shaba1 on Jan. 11 2006,00:11
I have tried DSL from a iso burned cd and it worked fine. I recently tried to run embedded version 2.0 by extracting the zip file to a folder on a usb key fob then clicking on the bat file. What I got was a CMD/DOS screen with a bunch of multilcolored unreadable letter/words on a black background. I finally just had to do a ctrl-alt-delete and shut down that window in order to get back to the xp deskop. Does anyone know how I can at least get a readable cmd/dos window so I can at least see what is going wrong?
Posted by cbagger01 on Jan. 11 2006,06:52
Change Windows Desktop settings for "16 bit color" depth
Posted by Shaba1 on Feb. 14 2006,22:57
Quote (cbagger01 @ Jan. 11 2006,01:52)
Change Windows Desktop settings for "16 bit color" depth

Thanks cbagger that worked. I tired it last month and have been avoiding asking another utter newbie question.

How I resize the "desktop"(remember I come from windows world" so that it fits on my 800X600 max laptop screen. I get most of it up but it looks like there are some items at the bottom and there are no scroll bars.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by bit801 on Feb. 21 2006,18:02
hello fellow newbie!
Once you have DSL running click on the DSLpanel icon, then Xversa. I had a similar prob and this worked for me. :O

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