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started by: ditkuss

Posted by ditkuss on Jan. 12 2007,19:51
When running the embedded version of dsl within windows, I noticed that the main window is not resizeable. I can't drag one of the corners to make the window smaller or maximize the window. Is their a way to start the window out at a certain size by using a command line option? Thanks.
Posted by roberts on Jan. 12 2007,19:57
You didn't say which version. But the ones with the 60MB virtual hard drive have a startup backup.tar.gz which sets the DSL screen size to 800x600.

Once booted up, use the DSLpanel and Xvesa button to change to 1024x768, etc.

Or edit the file .xserverrc in your /home/dsl directory.

The newest versions of DSL embedded do not have such a default backup and start with a DSL screen size of 1024x768.

Posted by ditkuss on Jan. 12 2007,20:17
Thanks for the quick reply, this is exactly what i wanted.
Posted by adssse on April 20 2007,01:39
I am running embedded 3.3 and I was wondering how I could default to 800X600. I have tried changing the vga = 791 in the batch file to 788 & 789 but this runs x setup when booting and I would prefer it to boot into 800X600 directly. Any help would be appreciated.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 20 2007,03:55
The X resolution doesn't have to do with the vga bootcodes.  Run xsetup, back up .xserverrc and you should be set.
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