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Topic: Howto get rid of hdb in QEMU
started by: aptenikhil

Posted by aptenikhil on Jan. 22 2007,07:46
Hi all,
I am using embedded DSL 3.1. It stores the contents of the /home/dsl directory in /dev/hdb (maybe harddisk under qemu directory, I am not much sure about it.) when DSL is shutting down. And it loads back the contents of the /home/dsl directory from the /deb/hdb into the RAM. This helps in saving the /home/dsl directory contents across multiple boot sesstions.
I want the DSL to boot with some default contents (this i should decide) of the /home/dsl directory. It should not store/ load any data (obviously other than required system files) from the hard disk.
In dsl-windows.bat i removed the -hdb option, this time it boots but it needs the X-server settings to be done.
How can i remove hdb totally and still have the x-server settings intact?  
Thanks in advance!

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 22 2007,14:15
This is typical of any frugal installation: please see backup/restore, and persistence.
Posted by aptenikhil on Jan. 24 2007,06:15
I didnt get much from the persistence page on the DSL wiki. They just say how to backup/restore files and maintain the persistence.
But my requirement is something different.

I dont want any backup/restore. I want to remove the hdb thing in dsl-windows.bat and also the ide2.

When i did so then if i boot dsl by clicking dsl-windows.bat file then everytime it asks for the X configuration i.e. keyboard, mouse, resolution, color-depth etc, I want the dsl to boot with my settings and dont ask for it.
I also want dsl to run my program after startup and not popup the dillo. For this what i tried is i created a KNOPPIX image with the modified .xinitrc file, which has the call to my program after bootup, but still it opens dillo and not my program, the /home/dsl/.xinitrc and /KNOPPIX/home/dsl/.xinitrc files are different. /home/dsl/.xinitrc has call to dillo wheras the /KNOPPIX/home/dsl/.xinitrc is the file which i had modified. I want dsl to take this file and not the default .xinitrc file.

What should i do so that dsl can boot with my settings and run my program after bootup,

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 24 2007,16:37
There are several meanings to persistence, like you could have a home partition persistence (see cheatcodes).

Otherwise you'll have to remaster the image as you have done - just don't load your backup.tar.gz (or boot with 'dsl base')

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