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started by: Ghozer

Posted by Ghozer on Jan. 24 2007,02:37
The ipw2200 driver (on < > works fine for this, however, i cant quite figure out how to embed it into the distro on the USB Flash Drive so that it installs and sets up on boot, I cant figure out how to make it save any changes I make to the system, such as the host name etc..

Please help :) Thanks

Posted by roberts on Jan. 24 2007,03:05
Embedded here means you are running Windows/Qemu/DSL in which case you would be using the Windows net connection.

If you are talking about a native usb boot of DSL v3.2 then make a level one directory mydsl/modules on your usb drive. Place the module(s) in the modules directory and they will be insmod(ed) during boot.

Saving changes in discussed in Getting Started document.

Posted by Ghozer on Jan. 24 2007,09:40
Ahhh, so I need to be running normal one?? not embedded??

I have embedded on the USB Drive so i can run it under windows when I want, but can also boot it if i want....

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