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started by: JROCK2004

Posted by JROCK2004 on Jan. 31 2007,18:16
Ok I am running newest version of DSL off my external HD. How do I know how that it mounted? Meaing is it /dev/hda1 or /sda what? Thanks
Posted by JROCK2004 on Jan. 31 2007,19:36
ok I found out that the bakup in the menu is to do the whole HD. I guess what I am trying to find out is how do I save the settings for mouse settings, wallpapers and things like that?
Posted by JROCK2004 on Jan. 31 2007,21:29
can you backup the apps you install?
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 31 2007,21:53
If you are running some sort of frugal/livecd, see backup/restore and/or persistence, and the mydsl system.
Posted by JROCK2004 on Jan. 31 2007,22:11
I downloaded the embeded version.

I click on

Now this is on my external HD which is connected via USB

If I'm using the boot CD, how can I save my settings between sessions?

You can back up your custom settings to a file called backup.tar.gz. To create it go to System > Backup/Restore. Enter the device to save to and hit Backup. Then you can reboot, and at the boot prompt, use the dsl restore={<devicename>} switch to reboot to the previous saved state. The include file list is: /home/dsl/.filetool.lst (this states what to back up). The exclude file is: /home/dsl/.xfiletool.lst (this omits any files you want to skip).

there is no boot prompt to select the file. As far as the list when you reboot that file reset itself

Posted by roberts on Jan. 31 2007,23:44
You need to read the readme inside your downloaded zip file for dsl-embedded. There are many challenges when running in a virtual environment. Reading that readme is a MUST.
Posted by JROCK2004 on Jan. 31 2007,23:51
I did read it. but the file that it says to edit resets itself after I reboot
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