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Topic: Access Windows partition on which DSL is running!!
started by: bravo

Posted by bravo on Feb. 01 2007,16:15

I am running DSL Embedded on Windows Server 2003 using NTFS filesystem. How can I access the Windows partition on which DSL Embedded itself is running? I don't have the administrator privileges on this machine.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Posted by on Feb. 04 2007,16:04
u need root access in dsl, cuz afaik only root can mount. sudo su will make u root, u maybe need root passwd. under dsl-n u dont if u dont set -secure boot parm. do mount /dev/<hd device> /mnt/<hd device>. i might set type manually. im not sure of there is a ntfs type, vfat will do though i guess, thats the type i use for my ntfs partition. mount -t vfat ... where <hd device> set your hd and partition, like hda1 for your first hard disk and first partition. i dont know if dsl can access ntfs in write mode, dsl-n can not. so keep in mind its read only.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 04 2007,17:04
Not quite.  Since you are running DSL under the qemu sandbox, it has some limitations.  See the readme/docs that are included in the zip.
Posted by bravo on Feb. 09 2007,05:06
I have access to super-user account in DSL (using sudo su) but don't have administrator rights in Windows account from which I'm running DSL itself.

The problem is that I don't see any /dev/hdax (i.e. no Windows partition is shown).

Any idea how to solve the issue?

Posted by roberts on Feb. 09 2007,05:31
Its a Qemu question and not a DSL one. Qemu is a sandbox.
The readme inside the zip file contains some info and the site for Windows Qemu support.

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