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Topic: boot from 128mb usb?
started by: willz06jw

Posted by willz06jw on Feb. 08 2007,18:38
Is there any way to boot from a 128mb usb drive?  If not what linux can I use to boot from it?  I don't necessarily need a GUI.


Posted by roberts on Feb. 08 2007,20:11
Sure. I boot DSL with full GUI from a 64MB pendrive.
Booting from a pendrive depends on the booting machine's BIOS capabilities.

Posted by willz06jw on Feb. 10 2007,19:44
Great!, I wonder why all the documentation says I need a 256 mb drive to boot.


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 10 2007,22:23
I wonder where you saw that, as DSL just requires a 50mb+ partition
Posted by willz06jw on Feb. 11 2007,20:23
I can't seem to find the documentation I was looking at -- I may just be going crazy or something -- I will post any links to bad documentation that says that DSL requires a 256mb usb drive to boot on this topic if I find it.

Thanks again for the great DSL support/community,


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