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Topic: BOOT_IMAGE parameter in Loadlin
started by: icepick

Posted by icepick on Feb. 13 2007,07:06
Hi all,

I am trying to start DSL from the dos prompt using loadlin. The knoppix/knoppix dir/file is on a usb stick. I can mount the usb stick from dos (even get a letter E: assigned to it). However.. when I start loadlin with a options.txt file, it tells me it cannot find root vfs.
I noticed in the options.txt I have a parameter called 'BOOT_IMAGE=knoppix/knoppix'. How does loadlin know to look on my usb stick for knoppix? In theory, shouldn't the parameter be 'BOOT_IMAGE=E:\knoppix\knoppix' ? Or something like this?


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 13 2007,15:46
root vfs has to do with the filesystem set up by minirt, not BOOT_IMAGE.

BOOT_IMAGE is just a parameter that's parsed after the fs is set up (passed by loadlin in this case), which loads the base dsl image.

What files are you using?

Posted by icepick on Feb. 15 2007,05:24

Thanks for your reply.

First of all, the exact error message I get is

Kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root on 01:00

My setup is a capio with a disk on chip (8mb) containting dos & loadlin. I have 2 gb usb stick with knoppix on it (located in a knoppix directory on the root of the stick) and the capio has 32mb of memory.

I start loadlin with an options file (included here).


The minirt24.gz file is on my system in the root directory of C:
Fot boot_image i tried both knoppix and knoppix/knoppix

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
When I start loadlin I see it load loadlin and I see it do initrd..
Then I get the penguin with the kernel panic..

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 15 2007,15:58
Again, boot_image does not matter for your error.

Try removing "quiet" and maybe paste the output here.

There is an ongoing thread of of using DSL+Capio that you might want to take a look in.

Posted by icepick on Feb. 16 2007,18:38
The capio thread doesnt help me much.. I followed all the instructions there. I turned off the quiet option.. No errors of any kind, just some hardware being found.
I notice it makes a ramdisk 16 of 100.000 at 1024 blocksize.
I expanded the memory of the capio to 64mb already.

I have a feeling it's trying to mount /dev/ram and is somehow unsuccessful...

Can I have root being put up somewhere else? How big does it have to be?


Posted by icepick on Feb. 26 2007,12:52
Anyone there with any ideas to my problem? I still have the same problem..
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