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started by: carpaldiem

Posted by carpaldiem on Feb. 14 2007,21:04
Am hopelessly addicted to dsl, but have had nagging problem.  Can access host drive when using broadband, but not connected by dial-up.  I've gone through identical procedure with query and scan, but it tries to work and eventually terminates.  I've been using dsl-3.0 and more recent.  Obviously this is a qemu problem, while using a dsl extension.  
Thanks for any help.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 14 2007,23:33
So, it works only when you're using broadband?
Can you access the network, but not just samba?

It shouldn't make a difference, since samba is usually used for your local LAN.  (unless you're doing something different?)

Posted by carpaldiem on Feb. 15 2007,16:23
I'm not really on a Lan.  In both cases I have a single computer connected by broadband.  I noticed in the wiki that using "smbclient" was mentioned as usable with any internet connection, but I really must be missing something, because I've gotten nowhere with it.  In all likelihood I've got some kind of technical blind spot.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 15 2007,19:02
I don't get how your setup is like... describe in further detail?

Try connecting through your host o/s first, because this does not seem to be a qemu related problem.

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