How is DSL Embedded different than Live-CD?

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Topic: How is DSL Embedded different than Live-CD?
started by: Genecks

Posted by Genecks on Feb. 20 2007,01:56
Alright, yesterday I played with Live-CD DSL. After using that, I noticed I had icons on my desktop. Today, I decided to remove the U3 system from my jumpdrive (via the uninstall provided by the U3 website), and loaded syslinux and the embedded version of DSL.

The embedded version did not show the icons. I don't know why it didn't show the icons; but the Live-CD version did.

I'd like to have the Icons on my desktop for one thing. I suppose I'll spread out my other problems throughout this board. But for know:

How do I get desktop icons to display?

Posted by Genecks on Feb. 20 2007,03:15
I like Damn Small Linux. It's actually easy to understand, and it allows me to emulate it inside of Windows, thus allowing me to use my BroadCom. yes. I am enjoying Damn Small Linux.

I assume it's different because it uses qemu, which allows an emulated version of DSL to exist in windows?

Posted by roberts on Feb. 20 2007,04:39
Qemu is a virtual machine and as such is a sandbox with limited access to real drives and devices. Much is explained in the readme file included within the zip. Advanced Qemu features should be directed to the Qemu support site. The Qemu machine is running a standard DSL compressed image, kernel, and miniroot. In fact you can use Qemu to run the dsl.iso cdrom image via the -cdrom Qemu option.
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