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started by: mlacks

Posted by mlacks on Feb. 24 2007,05:13
I'm new to linux; I've alwasy had some kind of intrest in it and i thought that this would be a good way to get started, but I'm having alot of problems. The most important being that I cant save my settings or mount the USB drive that I'm running DSL from.

I am using a 256MB Sony Micro Vault Tiny USB Drive on Windows XPMC

Quote (mune @ Feb. 20 2007,20:37)
I already opened a topic in a different Forum but I thought this issue is more adeguate to this one.

The problem is DSL only detects a very old 128MB USB pen.

I tryed with the same computer on the same port pens of many brands and sizes but only that one works.

Open emelfm, double click /mnt in the right pane. It should list the mount points for your hard drive and other storage media you've hotplugged. There will be at least sda1 for the one pen, possibly other points for other pens (sdb1, sdc1, etc.) you've inserted. Hotplug assigns mount points sequentially for different devices, it doesn't recycle the same point (i.e., sda1) for different ones automatically.

I searched the forums and tried all of the A_Terminal fixes but I kept ending up with errors about drives and devices not existing.


I had the suggestion to do a fdisk -l obtaining with the working pen
[/home/dsl]# fdisk -l

Please try this instead so you don't keep pasting in output related to your hard drive:
fdisk -l /dev/devicename
where devicename is the point that should be set either as sda, sdb, sdc, etc., depending how many pens you've inserted.

I thought this would help me out but I don't even have the sda available. :/

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Posted by roberts on Feb. 24 2007,05:23
John, loads DSL onto IGB pendrives in the DSL store, so it can't be the size of your pendrive. Must have some hidden of proprietary partitions. You say "on Windows". Are you using Qemu?
Posted by mlacks on Feb. 24 2007,05:44
Yes, I believe so. From G:\dsl-embedded I open a .BAT file and it goes into Command Prompt, then into QEMU. why do you ask? Is there a workaround to QEMU?
Posted by roberts on Feb. 24 2007,07:01
I moved your post to the embedded section. Embedded = Qemu

Qemu is precisely why you don't have access to real devices.

Read the readme file that is included in the zip file.
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