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started by: janosx

Posted by janosx on Feb. 23 2007,12:26
I'm (booting from and) successfully running DSL on my USB key. But I can't backup:

In the Control Panel:Backup/Restore I entered several paths for places to save the configuration, but it keeps saying "Invalid Device".
As far as I've understood, my devices are (as listed in MountTool) fd0(???), cdrom, hdb1

when I do "fdisk -l" in the terminal other devices are listed such as /dev/hda, /dev/hdb and /dev/hdb1

i'm quite confused and don't know how to backup since i've tried all these paths and none worked!

(In emelfm I can see "ramdisk" and "cdrom")

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 23 2007,14:41
I think fd0 = floppy drive

If you want to back up to hdb1, make sure it is in a rw-capable format in DSL. (What format is it?)
Then in the backup/restore tool, type in "hdb1" and you should be set.

Posted by janosx on Feb. 23 2007,16:33
that one worked. i was sure i've tried this one before, but i guess i haven't. thanks a lot.

"mount" says:
/dev/hdb1 is on /cdrom (rights rw)

i still haven't managed to restore my files or extension though.
"backup"-task on "hdb1" seems to work now, but after rebooting everything is gone.

for example i downloaded a theme (matrix) and the system extension dkpg. they are saved in "/tmp".

i created an folder on /cdrom (which is /dev/hdb1) called "thedsl".
in mElfm i selected "Add2filetool" for the folder "thedsl". (i did the same for the downloaded files to make sure they are saved).

after reboot everything was gone. even the filetool.lst doesn't show the paths that were present before the reboot.

i want to backup everything that i change/add to DSL and restore on every reboot.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 23 2007,23:59
that one worked. i was sure i've tried this one before, but i guess i haven't. thanks a lot.
Docs :)

It should restore it for you, if a backup.tar.gz is present in hdb1 ... I believe new versions search in the mydsl folder.

Or something could be conflicting it, so you could boot with restore=hdb1

Or you could manually restore using the tool.

Posted by roberts on Feb. 24 2007,00:14
janosx, Read the Getting Startup help document.

Extensions should be stored in a mydsl directory and you don't add that to the filetool.lst

Make a mydsl directory on /cdrom
You should be able to download directly to:


Posted by janosx on Feb. 24 2007,16:04
well, i read the getting start up file (saving configuration) but it just doesn't work..

(as root in terminal)i created a folder /cdrom/mydsl and downloaded an extension and installed it there.

control panel:backup (hdb1) creates backup.tar.gz in /cdrom

when I shutdown, it says that backup-files are being saved.

When I reboot again, everything is gone! the mydsl folder is not present though it has been directly created on the usb stick! the backup.tar is gone too!

i don't get it. what am i doing wrong. do i have to set up anything else? I'm not sure which other steps i should do mentioned in the getting-start-up guide.


Posted by roberts on Feb. 24 2007,17:04
From what you describe is I would wager that you are running Qemu.
Posted by humpty on Feb. 25 2007,07:13
man, too may newbies don't know about the 'virtual disk' thingy.
i think maybe there should be a for that?

Posted by janosx on Feb. 25 2007,11:01
guess you're right
Posted by roberts on Feb. 25 2007,15:41
Moved to dsl embedded section.

Qemu does not have native write access to real devices.
Read the readme that was included in the zip file.

Try some of the advanced Qemu configurations.

Your issue is not somthing under DSL control.
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