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Topic: Install DSL on HD Wihtout booting
started by: Expecho

Posted by Expecho on Mar. 01 2007,10:11

I have downloaded DSL and I use the option to start DSL from within Windows XP. This is ok but now I loose my settings everytime. How can I install DSL to my HD so I my settings are preserved, withouth having to boot into DSL but still launch it from Windows...

Posted by humpty on Mar. 01 2007,20:59
(another qemu victim ?) :laugh:

you can't launch from xp unless it's at boot, maybe this will help; < >

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 02 2007,00:27
I think he still means qemu.

See backup/restore.  If you plan on using qemu still, you might want to create a virtual harddisk.  (And if this is the case, this should be in the embedded forum section)

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