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started by: db on cbr1100xx

Posted by db on cbr1100xx on Mar. 05 2007,22:23
Using DSL and QEMU on a 1Gb stick.  No probs - can boot either via qemu or native boot. Love it!

However, how do I mount HDD's of the host PC when running under both qemu or native boot?


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 06 2007,00:04
please see the readme/docs that come with dsl-embedded
Posted by db on cbr1100xx on Mar. 06 2007,23:41
Thanks for that most helpful reply - it's great when you know what you're looking for!!

If I could find the answer in the resources you specify, do you think I'd waste my time, and yours, posting?

The only documentation I have is the readme.txt in the .zip file.  Host PC HDD's are NOT mentioned in the version I have.  The information may well be there, but it's not in a form that I can readily identify or use..........

Posted by fredvej on Mar. 07 2007,09:59
Look at < >

On a Windows host you have to use the SMB client in DSL to mount a share from the host.  On a Linux host you can use sshmount in DSL to mount any path from the host , see < >

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