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started by: TecOmega42

Posted by TecOmega42 on Mar. 10 2007,16:09
Okay, I am able to boot up from the usb pen drive.  Then it loads dsl into the ram and I can use dsl.  Well I check and see if i can find my usb pen drive so i could try saving a simple test file.  Just so I could see it works.  Can't find the pen drive.  I look down the light isn't blinking.  So i take it out, nothing happens.  I put it back in and I am able to see it from like this external device checker thing but not from the file menu.

Any simple steps I should take to save files onto my usb pen drive.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 10 2007,22:38
You'll have to mount a partition on your drive first...
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