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started by: TecOmega42

Posted by TecOmega42 on Mar. 25 2007,02:57
Okay I have DSL embedded on my usb
I put it in it starts up
Now how do I partition the flash drive so I can mount it and save files to it
My other OS's are Windows and a Mac OS X

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 25 2007,04:15
Are you booting within qemu?
If so, see the readme/docs that come with dsl-embedded.

And this thread should be under dsl-embedded.

Posted by TecOmega42 on Mar. 25 2007,06:38
no this is not with qemu
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 25 2007,17:58
Ah okay, I just assumed you were since you mentioned the other OS's

How did you install DSL to it?

If you installed using the install scripts, there should be a 2nd partition on it in which you can save your files.
You should be able to use the mount tool, or manually mount it with the "mount" command if already formatted.
If not formatted, you'll need to do that first.

Posted by TecOmega42 on Mar. 25 2007,21:41
I searched under install from windows and didn't see anything mentioned about install scripts.
I also quickly checked in the download area and didn't see anything about that either.

so where would i find the install scripts

thansk for the help so far   :)

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 27 2007,05:54
In the main menu ... USB-ZIP or USB-HDD
Posted by TecOmega42 on Mar. 31 2007,18:12
if this is stated in another tutorial could you just tell me where it is

if not what do i do?
So I would I startup DSL embedded from my usb drive.
After booting from the usb drive waite for it to startup.
Then right click on the window go to install to zip.
Then click on install usb zip.
Then what do I do from there because I tried that before and it asked for the iso.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 31 2007,22:56
Select "from [l]livecd" when asked... type in "L"
Posted by TecOmega42 on April 01 2007,07:33
Posted by TecOmega42 on April 01 2007,16:10
Just wanna run over steps

1. Download dsl embedded and open the files and place onto the usb drive
2. setup bios to boot first from the usb drive
3. restart and then the syslinux loads
4. waite for the automatic boot process to take place
5. let dsl embeded load up
6. right-click then go to install onto usb-zip
7. run place live-cd in then hit l
8. finish the questions it askes

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