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Topic: some troubles with Embedded dsl 2.4
started by: tamayo

Posted by tamayo on April 17 2007,21:51
Hello, whell I'm really newbie in dsl but I want to learn all I can, so,

first I download dsl2.4 embedded and follow the instructions in this url:
< >

ok, but when I plug my usb in debian and in windows xp I must to execute the file dsl-windows.bat or to execute dsl, but "i want that when I plug my usb dsl start automatically" is that possibly?

years ago, I use a kind of embedded windows call Bart-PE, when I just put the CD into the CD-ROM  the PART-PE loads automatically. I believed that dsl will work in a kind of way.

I like to work in flux-box or console mode automatically when I plug my usb drive, is this possible?

thanks all, see yo


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 17 2007,22:53
If you don't mean to have a native boot, you could add your own autorun feature I suppose.
Posted by tamayo on April 18 2007,21:50
do you mean something like autorun.inf? is the only way?
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 18 2007,22:38
Seems like your search techniques need to be activated.
I'll post an interesting link anyways: < >
3rd party tools also seem to work, but will need to be installed on the host computer.

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