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started by: d33p

Posted by d33p on April 22 2007,21:49

 Running DSL 3.3 embedded, and am very interested in using Kqemu.  I have searched (hopefully deeply enough!) but have not found any information specifically relating to running Kqemu with the Qemu in DSL Embed.  Is this possible?  Or is Kqemu something that must be run on a host OS, meaning admin priviledges? If I overlooked a how-to on this, my apologies.


Posted by John on April 25 2007,01:18
Hey d33p,  I don't think there is much on the DSL site about Kqemu yet.  But I could tell you that is it really worth the effort to set it up on a MS machine.  It speeds up Qemu nicely, in my completely unscientific test Kqemu seems to half the bootup time and make DSL embedded run quite a bit faster.

You could find a Windows compatible binary of Kqemu at:
< http://www.h7.dion.ne.jp/~qemu-win/ >

Look at the "Accelerators" section...

You will have to edit the .bat file and remove "-kernel-kqemu" out of it.  Before running DSL embedded type "net start kqemu" in the command prompt or or in the 'run' application.  I think you will like the performance boost.

Posted by damnit on June 19 2007,16:21
if you go to

1) < http://www.davereyn.co.uk/download.htm >

you can download the qemu manager (it has latest windoze qemu binary and kqemu already to go for you and isn't too bloated)
i use this when i want to see how the release candidates are going as i use a traditional hd install, should run in wine on DamnSL.  This is easier to use than qemu commands, as i can NEVER remember how they go, once you've set it up how you
like it, you can save the settings

2) Download Damn Small Linux version of your liking (3.3 stable)
   NOT the embedded the actual DSL3.3.iso, and perform the  
   installation as in a typical HD install thru qemu manager
   Note: enable the accelerator and ram can be used at 128,
            it should be nearly as fast as an OS without emulation

3) Copy c:\Program Files\Qemu Manager to your USB stick


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