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started by: girasquid

Posted by girasquid on May 03 2007,00:28
Hello, all.

In order to get around some of the systems at my school, I have put DSL embedded onto a small USB stick that I carry around with me. The USB has two partitions: LINUX, and FILES. I would like to configure DSL so that my home directory is on the FILES partition, and persistent accross sessions. How would I do this?


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on May 03 2007,01:50
Use the cheatcode "home="
See wiki, etc. for more information.

Beware of limited writes, etc. on your device though.

Posted by girasquid on May 03 2007,11:50
^thehatsrule^, while I understand the idea of the cheatcodes, I'm not sure how I'd need to edit/tweak my /etc/fstab to allow me to mount the other partition of my USB drive(or do I have to?) - what would it be called for me to mount it?

Also, where would I put the cheatcodes if I was loading embedded using a bat file?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on May 03 2007,14:35
Ah, didn't see this under dsl-embedded.

I suppose it depends on how you are planning to use it...  you could use the virtual harddisk (probably safer), etc. - see readme.txt

For the cheatcode you could just add them to the rest of them, in the -append "" section.
If you insist on only modifying fstab, then you can boot with the cheatcode "nofstab" and use your own ( mount /home )

Posted by girasquid on May 03 2007,15:34
I think that I will just add the cheatcode to the -append "" section for now, and see how it goes. How would I refer to my partition, though?
Posted by girasquid on May 09 2007,13:55
I am still having this problem, as I am unsure how to refer to the FILES partition of my USB stick in order to use it as my home directory.

When I attempt to mount what I believe to be the USB stick, I always receive a relocation error, regarding blk_id_known_fstype - does this mean that DSL is having trouble with the filing system for my partition?

Posted by curaga on May 09 2007,14:41
It probably has a wrong partition descriptor, or a corrupt fs..
Posted by girasquid on May 10 2007,12:18
I've formatted it as FAT32, and my Mac is having no trouble mounting and seeing the files on that partition.
Posted by GonzoRadio on May 21 2007,14:52
Have made a CF-card embedded version of dsl with syslinux on a windoze box, as this new dual-core wouldn't boot dsl (3.3).
The CF with (hda1,2 and 3) replaces HD in old notebook.
And it boot fine (and fast)
Problem is that it needs commandline input for the noscsi option.
If i look in the /KNOPPIX/boot/grub/menu.lst file, the default option has noscsi. Am i looking at the wrong file, where's the syslinux options? (have i answered my own question here? not sure, need to take another look tonight for syslinux options)

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on May 21 2007,17:32
giraquid: Probably easier to use the virtual harddisk... with ext2.

gonzoradio: if you are using syslinux why are you trying to look for grub?  Edit syslinux.cfg

Posted by GonzoRadio on May 22 2007,05:28
Quote (^thehatsrule^ @ May 21 2007,13:32)
gonzoradio: if you are using syslinux why are you trying to look for grub?  Edit syslinux.cfg

You're right, how ignorant of me. RTFM etc.
Like i said, i answered me own question...
Thank god for Vim for Windoze...

Thnx, now the samba thing (getting vista to mount my dsl share, ubuntu has no problem) and i'm set. smbpasswd problem i think. I'll search the networking forum

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