Unable to put atheros-chpst card in ad-hoc mode

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Topic: Unable to put atheros-chpst card in ad-hoc mode
started by: bangoram

Posted by bangoram on June 12 2007,13:45
I am trying to use my atheros chipset based TL-550G(TP-Linlk  WN-550G) along with my SBC. I tried with DSL embedded 3.2.tar.gz, I was very happy to see the card getting detected unfortunately I am unabel to put my card in ad-hoc mode whereas default "Managed mode" is being supported .Is this  because of  madwifi driver???

Can anyone suggest me how to overcome this problem.

this is the command which I tried

ifconfig ath0 netmask up
iwconfig ath0 essid mesh channel 11 mode ad-hoc key off

the o/p error is

error for wireless request "Set Mode"(8B06)
SET failed on device ath0: invalid argument

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