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started by: colonel_panic

Posted by colonel_panic on Sep. 16 2007,05:01
I noticed in the last few versions that the ability to run the Qemu setup in Linux was removed. Is there a way to restore that?

I tried editing the scripts into bash scripts, which basically entailed changing the slashes in paths and copying the Linux qemu binary into the package's qemu directory, and renaming them to have a ".sh" instead of .bat . I then attempted to run the scripts, but they wouldn't work. I gave the command "sudo chmod a+x (script filename)" to make them executable, but for some reason that didn't work. I compared them to the old Linux scripts that used to be included, and the only thing different in them was the DSL boot options added in. Everything works fine under Windows though.

For the record, I'm running Ubuntu Linux Feisty Fawn. I mainly wanted to use Embedded as a portable persistent desktop that I could use nearly anywhere, so while it seems a little redundant to have Linux on top of another Linux, well, I kinda like it that way  :D .

Anyway, I appreciate any help or advice.


Posted by roberts on Sep. 16 2007,05:11
It was removed, because the qemu linux binary was not compatible across many Linux distributions.

You would have to obtain a qemu linux binary for your particular distribution, or compile it yourself.

The Qemu site has many samples and examples and you should be able to use one of those.

The easiest is to just run the iso file and not kernel.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 16 2007,05:58
I just download the i386 linux binaries from the qemu page -- they work on the distros I use.

to use the script in the bat lines, you can
- use unix endlines (i.e. with dos2unix program, or in vim with :set ff=unix )
- remove all lines except for the longest one
- remove START
- replace \ with / as necessary
- change the first part to where your linux qemu binaries are

Posted by colonel_panic on Sep. 16 2007,12:48
The binary isn't the issue for me, as, like I said, I already copied over the binary that was precompiled for my distro, which I downloaded through Synaptic in Ubuntu.

As for the scripts, the only thing I didn't do was use dos2unix, which I have since done. It allowed my scripts to be executable.

I ran it from a terminal to check for error messages, and sure enough, there was one. Apparently I have a bad knoppix virtual image, as it said this:

Code Sample
qemu: could not open hard disk image 'KNOPPIX/knoppix'

So, I'm downloading a new image.

edit: Actually, the script was referencing a file called "knoppix" whereas the file was actually named KNOPPIX. Problem solved! Thanks for taking the time to respond!

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