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started by: vendion

Posted by vendion on Jan. 17 2008,20:31
I have DSL on a 1 GB thumbdrive and I was wanting to be able to use the back up feature.  I was wondering if there was a DSL noob friendly how  to on how to use that.
Posted by curaga on Jan. 18 2008,13:01

Explains both backup and persistence

Posted by vendion on Jan. 23 2008,14:44
Posted by vendion on Jan. 23 2008,21:17
Ok I ran into a small problem, according to what Damn Small says the boot image is on /dev/sda1.  When I tried to create a backup onto /dev/sda1 I got a "Invalid Device" error, anything I should know about how Damn Small handles the USB drive that it is running it off of?  While waiting for a reply from some one I have a crazy idea that I will be trying, which is mading the backup.tar.gz file under openSUSE (currently installed on my laptop) and see if Damn small would see that file and just add the backed up files to it.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 23 2008,21:24
Did you specifiy just the name, i.e. sda1 ?
Posted by vendion on Jan. 23 2008,21:35
No I did not try that, but I created the backup file by hand and booted Damn small just to see that all I needed to enter was the name.  I felt really dumb, I keep trying location to the device instead of just its name
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