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Topic: How to get into system?
started by: earlytv

Posted by earlytv on April 15 2008,22:17
I have a system size of paper back book. I can boot only by net, USB floppy or USB stick made to look like a floppy, ( not HDD) or internal 512meg FLASH IDE hard drive.
I have puppy super floppy that boots to ram. Anyone write a program to run on puppy linux to take DSL files from 2nd USB stick and install in 512meg FLASH drive?????????????????

Posted by humpty on July 21 2008,20:39
if you use the bootfloppy.img, and you have the boot files on your usb-drive, then you can boot dsl from floppy.

from thereon, you can try the normal install options (frugal or hdd).

(personally though, i'd use freedos & loadlin :
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