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started by: haarvik

Posted by haarvik on Jan. 08 2009,15:44
Ok, so I got the embedded version running without a hitch.  Now I have issues running it.  When I try to add extensions, nothing gets installed.  It claims they are, but I can't find any of the apps.  I tried samba.dsl, as well as 4 or 5 themes.  Nothing.  I read the wiki and did as instructed.  What am I missing?  I want to make sure everything works that I need before installing to HD.  Oh, and also it won't see my usb drive at all, and I can't mount a CDRom either.
Posted by haarvik on Jan. 09 2009,01:50
Does anyone respond in these forums?
Posted by chalbersma on Jan. 09 2009,20:37
I've had some problems with mounting in dsl (I use the standard not the embedded so this may not help you) so I always have it plugged in when I boot and see if it's being seen by the scanner.  Try this plug in you device then use
Code Sample
$ dmesg | less

and see if it's being seen by the operating system.  If it's not then  you might want to see if your chip is supported with the 2.4 kernel if it is then try something like
Code Sample
$ sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1

As for your extensions issue try using one of the mountable applications (like < samba.unc > ) and just typing mount to see if it's was installed.  I had problems with loading applications because I didn't have enough ram for the program.  Try these things and see if it will work for you.

Posted by haarvik on Jan. 09 2009,21:04
Actually, my problem is that my system is too new, and the 2.4 kernel doesn't have proper drivers for it.  Any plans for a 2.6 kernel?  Or do I have to do my own build for that.
Posted by chalbersma on Jan. 11 2009,04:44
We'll they big wigs are considering switching to 2.6 and up the file size requirement to 100mbs it might happen.  Otherwise you could DSL-N (Damn Small Linux Not!) or Puppy if it's just a kernel issue...
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