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started by: cbagger01

Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 11 2004,07:12

I have tried to use DSL embedded for some networking activities but I notice that some of my data transfers are corrupted.

For example, if I use the myDSL gui to download the ace.dsl extension, the extension will be corrupted and not work properly.

However, if I manually download the extension using FTP, it will work fine.

For an example of this corruption, please log into your DSL embedded and try to access this webpage using gLinks:

< http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/distributions/damnsmall/mydsl/themes/ >

Does the DSL logo in the upper left corner load up correctly for you? Or does it only load up partway?

I am curious to find out if this is just affecting myself or if it affects others.

Posted by henk1955 on Nov. 11 2004,08:58
I ran the embeded 0.8.4.
For the first time in my live i tried the MyDSL. it did not work.
so i looked into the /tmp and found the *.dsl i selected to install.
Then i used the emelfm mydsl button to install. but got error: tar invalid magic.
Then i used gLinks to download the *.dsl i wanted, used the mydsl button in emelfm. that worked.

so your not alone in this
i have no problem on < http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/distributions/damnsmall/mydsl/themes/ >

Posted by alex on Nov. 11 2004,09:25
Dear Forum,

I have got a worse problem.

I try to start dsl embedded on the XP by klicking dsl-windows.bat in the entpackted Directory. Emu window appears. Then  comes a black window with the bild left, then the window gets large.

Then nothing appears. 512 RAM, I wait about 5 Min.

What I have done false?

Thank you for the reply.


Posted by AwPhuch on Nov. 11 2004,15:00
Did you change anything?

You might be able to tweak the dsl-windows.bat file to make it run, perhaps removing the -enable-audio flag?

dsl-embedded is beta..there will be alot of problems...I dont think it will ever be "out of beta" ether since dsl-embedded uses qemu which is an experimental software in itself!!


Posted by alex on Nov. 12 2004,07:56
Dear Brian,

thank you for the answer. I have tried it, but the window disappears. Then I took away all -enable. The result was the same as in the beginnig: QEMU large window opens and further - nothing.

I find the concept fascinating and would like to try the dsl-embedded.

Thank you all for possible hints.


Posted by AwPhuch on Nov. 12 2004,15:36
you do have the dsl.iso in that directory correct??


Posted by henk1955 on Nov. 12 2004,21:00
i tried a install to hardisk. i select enhanced.
all goes well. UNTILL it wgets gnu-utils.dsl. when i tries to untar gnu-utils.dsl it appears to be corrupt.
so i use glinks to d/l gnu-utils.dsl. alter the script to skip the wget.
now the install goes well.

somehow wget does not go well in embeded.

some testing shows i only have problem with ftp
http is no problem
apt-get update gets deb-info from http urls. fails on ftp urls

Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 12 2004,23:20

I'm gonna have to check my system again.

I thought (yes, I do think sometimes) that it was HTTP that was corrupted but FTP transfers were still working for me.

I am still pretty sure that it was HTTP, though.

This is because the DSL logo picture file on the above mentioned web page gets corrupted and all web site pictures are loading into your web browser via HTTP, I think.

Did you use Glinks to download an "FTP" URL to the gnu-utils.dsk filename, or was it an "HTTP" URL?

Posted by henk1955 on Nov. 14 2004,15:02
from damnsmalllinux download.

< ftp://ibibio.org/pub/Linux > gives : FTP PORT command failed
< http://ibiblio.org > : no problem

i dont think this is a dsl problem

Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 14 2004,20:15

I didn't get a command failed error, but my glink downloaded files passed the md5sum while my MyDSL gui files failed the md5sum.

I agree. I don't think that this is a DSL problem.  More like a Qemu problem.

Or a "Qemu configuration as it is bundled with DSL" problem.

Posted by AwPhuch on Nov. 15 2004,03:02
It might be the way it sets up its network stack...


Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 24 2004,06:33

Here are the results of my latest tests using the new 0.6.1 version of QEMU and the dsl.iso that is included in the DSL 0.8.4 embedded zip file:

Using the command line ftp program and anonymous login:

BINARY mode ftp download of

results in a FAILED md5sum check.

Using command line "wget" program, I download the same files using FTP:// protocol and md5sum PASSES with OK.

Using command line "wget" program and download the same files using HTTP:// protocol and md5sum FAILED again.

Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 24 2004,07:12

I just downloaded and tried out the latest daily Win32 build of Qemu (dated 11-21-2004) and I used the Qemu menu batch file to install the dsl.iso and create a new hard drive image file instead of using the existing files and the existing dsl-windows.bat file.

And networking seems to be working fine now.  Also, the arrow keys on the keyboard are now working properly inside an xterminal and at the console.

The only "gotcha" that is bothering me at the moment is that sometimes when I leave the Qemu Window and then return to the window (running in Console mode), my keyboard becomes unresponsive and I need to switch over to the Qemu command window and shut down the virtual PC.

Also, it is worth noting two changes:

(1) Full screen mode toggle is now "Control-Alt-F" and exit the Window command is now "Control-Alt-A".

(2) The QEmu console (command prompt) window is not open by default.  You can switch to it by using the "Control-Alt-2" command.  The "Control-Alt-1" command will return you to your virtual PC's window.

Hope this helps.

Posted by AwPhuch on Nov. 24 2004,21:07
Outstanding man..great find

Thanks for posting it up

Qemu is an experimental software and is constantly being developed..kinda like DSL


Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 30 2004,04:36

I figured out the problem that I had with "losing the keyboard" and QEmu.

The problem is that when you toggle back into MSWindows by using the Alt-TAB key, QEmu never receives the "TAB key was released" signal from the keyboard.

So when you go back into QEmu, the keyboard doesn't work because the system thinks that you are pressing the keys and holding down the TAB key at the same time.

A quick solution is to press and then release the TAB key.  You may need to do this with the "Alt" key as well.

Then the keyboard will start working again.

Also, you can enable sound in Qemu by doing the following:

Open a xterm in DSL (inside Qemu) and type:

sudo modprobe sb io=0x220 irq=5 dma=1 dma16=5
sudo wmix &

and you should have sound working with your DSL-Embedded system.

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